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Is resale the latest fashion trend?

swap-boutique-consignment-fashionIt certainly appears so. The resale market is currently an 18 billion dollar industry and is expected to almost double in the next five years. And, the millennials are all in.

Mainstream retail has been met with some challenges in recent years. Partly because savvy consumers are using online sites and search engines to price shop, undercutting traditional retail margins. Retailers are also met with a new obstacle, the eco-conscious client.

Luxury for the Budget-Conscious

That’s where millennials weigh in. Consignment has been an attractive outlet for the budget conscious woman for decades. However, recently the twenty-something’s environmental concerns that are driving up the sales in the resale segment.

It is estimated that 26 billion pounds of textiles and clothes ending up in landfills. Recycling does not just apply to cardboard boxes and water bottles. Buyers appreciate the intrinsic value of resale apparel, and consignors are making big returns on their designer wardrobes. It’s a win on both sides.

Upscale consignment shops have made thrift shopping a luxury market. They’ve popped up in every major city, and their stores are set up like just like many other retail boutiques.

Swap Boutique: 9 Years of Style

swap-boutique-new-orleans-consignment-bagOne of our local consignment shops, Swap Boutique, came to New Orleans nine years ago with this concept in mind. Swap continues to reinvent the world of resale. Inspired by local women with diverse and trending style, Swap opened its original location on Maple Street in November of 2008. They expanded to Magazine Street in 2011 and Baton Rouge in 2012.

Their consignors help inspire the shop’s selection and keep Swap stocked with amazing labels featuring both classic and on-trend pieces. At Swap, you’ll find brands like Vince, Rag and Bone, Helmut Lang, Tory Burch, DVF, Chanel, LV, Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Theory, and Halston Heritage.

The staff at Swap are working hard to keep up with the demands of the growing resale industry. They are grateful to the local support that the New Orleans community has given them for almost a decade.

Visit Swap’s Facebook Page or stop in at 5530 Magazine to learn more!