a.) Carol Robinson Gallery

840 Napoleon Avenue
Carol Robinson Gallery features a variety of contemporary paintings in oil and mixed media by Jere Allen, Cathy Hegman, Nell Tilton, Jean Geraci and others. Porcelain by John Oles and wood working by David Goodman and Michael Yankowski.

b.) Zack Smith Photography Studio

4514 Magazine Street
Zack Smith Photography studio sells limited editions of photographer Zack Smith’s fine art photography series. Showing now is “The Battlefield Oak”, one year of photographs from The Chalmette Battlefield in St. Bernard Parish.

c.) Villa Vici

4112 Magazine Street
Villa Vici represents a number of local and regional artists. Current works include paintings and sculptures from artists Rod Moorhead, Jaye Parrish, Paul Grüer, Julie Silvers, Lauren Hall, Austin Allen James, Jamie Meeks, Bonnie Fuchs, Steve Martin, and Scott Kerr.

d.) Lionheart Prints

3312 Magazine Street
Lionheart Prints offers art prints featuring hand lettered designs, printed in house on our vintage letterpress machines. We also have a curated selection of fine art by local artists Drew Cooke and Vincent Weber.

e.) Del Fuego Taqueria

4518 Magazine Street
El Kirk’s photographs of Mexico are displayed for purchase at Del Fuego Taqueria. Visit his website at www.elkirk.com for more of his work and to purchase prints.

f.) Alex Beard Studio

3926 Magazine Street
Alex Beard Studio features artist Alex Beard’s paintings, drawings, sculpture, limited edition prints, books, and more.

g.) New Orleans Glassworks & Printmaking Studio

727 Magazine Street
See how the beautiful glass art in our gallery is made during daily free demos. New Orleans Glassworks & Printmaking Studio offers gorgeous art for your home, created right in our studio by visiting Master Glass Sculptors as well as our Resident Artists.

h.) Albert Brown Salon

3424 Magazine Street
Albert Brown Salon features the metalwork of local artist Luis Colmenares in collaboration with the New Orleans Art Center. His colorful large scale sculptures, art furniture, paintings, wall metal work can be seen in public spaces, restaurants and in private collections in New Orleans and throughout the US.

i.) Dat Dog

3336 Magazine Street
The Market at Dat Dog pops up each Saturday/Sunday, noon-6pm, in the courtyard of Dat Dog on Magazine Street. We specialize in local fine art, photography, jewelry, vintage finds, ceramics, and incredible works from a rotation of over 400 vendors from our New Orleans creative community!

j.) Sotre

3933 Magazine Street
Find this dandelion coco piece – hand-cut coconut shells arranged in flower-shaped formations with a hardwood frame all in a cream finish – at Sotre.

k.) Parcels and Post

5208 Magazine Street
Bought a piece of art and not sure how to get it back home? Parcels & Post expertly ships art of any size or shape.